Consulting Firm to Develop a UNFCC COP 27 Strategy and Action Plan

Terms of Reference
Strategy and Action Plan

Egypt is planning to host the twenty seventh session of the Conference of Parties (COP 27), which will most likely take place from 7 to 18 November 2022. This conference is one of the largest global annual conferences, and is usually attended by 25 to 35 thousand participants. The Minister of Environment will be nominated to serve as President of this COP session, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will lead the Egyptian COP Presidency team and national negotiating delegation. H.E. the Minister of Environment and H.E. the Minister of Foreign Affairs agreed to prepare a strategy for hosting this COP. The objective of this strategy is to ensure the convening of a successful COP session, and maximize economic and other benefits for Egypt as a result of hosting the COP. The Ministry of Environment is seeking a consulting firm to develop a strategy and action plan for this purpose.

The main tasks of the consulting firm are as follows:

(a) Suggest areas of support from the key ministries that will form part of the ministerial committee that would facilitate the preparations and provision of support for hosting the COP.

(b) Identify key institutions and local entities that should be approached in order to facilitate the implementation of the COP and provide any needed support.

(c) Identify key contributions from each of the involved entities. This should extend to the implementation of a marketing action plan.

(d) Propose an organizational structure which includes different teams to ensure effective management during the COP session period. The organizational structure should at least the include the following:

  1. Organizational Team
  2. Legal Team
  3. Marketing Team, including securing sponsorships
  4. Media and communications Team
  5. Information Technology Team
  6. Security Team
  7. Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality Team
  8. Catering Team / entity
  9. Accommodation Team / entity
  10. Visa Support Team / entity
  11. Health Services Team
  12. Transportation Team / entity
  13. Civil Society Coordination Team
  14. High-Level Champion Support Team
  15. Protocol Team.

(e) Develop a marketing strategy and action plan which ensures maximization of economic benefits for the Egyptian economy as a result of COP hosting. The marketing strategy and action plan should identify sectors of the economy that can benefit from the COP hosting and concrete actions to be implemented which ensures generating economic benefits for Egypt.

(f) Purpose a strategy for identifying and securing potential sponsorship for the event to offset its cost.

(g) Assist in developing the main messages of the COP in cooperation with the Presidency team.

(h) Propose a strategic vision on sustainability/climate response efforts of the Government of Egypt, to pursue, building on previous government efforts in that regard, and utilizing the mobilization opportunity behind these efforts offered by hosting the COP, including a society-wide awareness raising campaign.

(i) Develop a branding strategy for Egypt which can ensure long term benefits to the economy after the COP.

Application Process:

  1. Proposals to be submitted by national firms including detailed and updated company profile and team CVs (Brief description of the firm and background. Include ownership, date and place of incorporation, objectives).
  2. Contacts: name, ID and email
  3. Registration
  4. Last three years financial information
  5. Total number of years of experience
  6. CV of at least four members of the team that will perform the assignment
  7. Last five years track record
  8. Background and reference of previous works
  9. Any other supporting material relevant to the proposal
  10. A technical proposal based on the proposed TOR with an indication of the proposed approach with the inclusion of an implementation plan. This should at least contain:
    o Methodology and workplan
    o A breakdown of costs


  • Applications will be evaluated on basis (technical 70% , Financial 30%), the firm will be selected according to the evaluation of CVs, experience, professional work.
  • Applications to be sent in Soft copies to:
    Name: Ms Hoda Elshawadfy – Assistant to the Minister of Environment for Ecotourism Affairs
  • Closing Date: 29/09/2021